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        Shenzhen Quickstep Precision Equipment Co. Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City. It is a state-owned enterprise specializing in the production, processing and research and development of electronic components. With mature technology, sophisticated instruments, high-end talent team. Wu speed intelligent precision equipment covers seven fields of new energy, automobile body and parts, precision electronic appliances, hardware locks, security, fine packaging and medical fields. We mainly design, manufacture and sell precision.....More >

Automated production line
The equipment units are modular in design, highly integrated and packaged, with high precision and quick installation.
■  Fool-style programming, hand-wheeling and visual teaching, to achieve multi-line quick tuning; ■  Fool-like operation and maintenance, on the same day training day; ■  It can realize the automatic production line of one person on the whole machine and save human resources.
Quality inspection automation machine
Replacing labor with machine vision technology to provide productivity and product quality
For example, in the logistics industry, machine vision technology can be used for sorting and sorting of express delivery. There is no manual sorting of most express delivery companies, reducing the damage rate of articles, improving sorting efficiency, improving quality stability and reducing manual labor.
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